Sell Your Old Shuffleboard Table in North Texas

You can also find a used shuffleboard table for sale online

Need to get rid of your old shuffleboard table? Contact Williams Shuffleboard based in Colleyville, TX. We buy used shuffleboard tables in any condition. Although we're a top supplier of Champion Shuffleboard products, we accept used shuffleboard tables from other manufacturers.

Pricing is based on factors like...

Table size
Cradle material
Scoring unit functionality

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Used doesn't have to mean unplayable

Williams Shuffleboard carries gently used shuffleboard tables so budding shuffleboard champions like you can hone their skills. You'll also save money by purchasing a used shuffleboard table for sale.

We're a local business based in Colleyville, TX, serving Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, that's gaining a national following because we provide high-quality shuffleboard tables at affordable prices. Be sure to purchase shuffleboard supplies from us to keep your used shuffleboard table in near-mint condition.

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